Break The Rules,
Live Your Purpose
& Find Your Happy!


You deserve to be happy.

Not the surface-level, instagram-ready happy. Not the fake smile, Stepford happy that society sold us on.

You deserve to be live-out-loud, break the rules, fully expressed
just as you are happy. The kind of happy that gives you


  • A meaningful career that fulfills your purpose and potential
  • A lifestyle that gives you the freedom and self-expression
    you truly desire
  • Relationships that support and celebrate you through
    the ups and downs
  • An authentic life that reflects who you truly are in
    this precious gift of life

But you weren’t taught to value purpose or happiness, were you?

Nah, Girl. We live in a world that teaches us – especially women – to do it all – for everyone else. To settle for less. Take on more than your share while putting your own dreams and desires on the back burner.

And that’s a recipe for disaster. Or, for me and my tribe, rebellion.

Note to non-rebels who aspire to be revolutionary:
I’m not saying you need to leave your job, family, or home in order to be happy.
I’m just saying… You deserve to be happy. And if you’re not?

It’s time to buck the system.
Rewrite your rules.
And become the Revolutionary Woman of your life!

My name’s Shereen Thor.

I’m an Executive Coach and Founder of Awaken The Rebel, a bad ass movement for women who want to STOP being asleep at the wheel and START finding out what makes you happy so you can start living your values, dreams, and a vision that makes you feel lit.

I’m also Creator of The Revolutionary Woman Class because I know this work is too damn hard to do alone or in isolation.

I also know the power of community. When women rise up together, we become unstoppable badasses who change the world, starting with our own!

The Revolutionary Woman Class is a place where bright, bad ass women come together to rise up, make moves and rebel in the direction of their dreams. Whether you’re an employee, entrepreneur, working or stay at home mom – and you feel like there must be more to this life than what you’re living right now – you’re right. And this is for you.

THE Problem

The #1 regret of the dying is, “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life that was true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Can you relate?

The truth is, women fall prey to this regret more than men because we are taught that our value comes from how well we can fulfill or take care of other people’s needs, rather than by being who we truly are and meeting our own needs.

Very few women have the tits to stand up to their bosses, partners, parents and the world around them – not to mention their own inner critics – to be who they actually want to be or do what they actually want to do. This leaves women feeling disempowered and playing roles for other people.

The role of the dutiful mother, the role of the responsible employee, the role of the overworked entrepreneur, the role of the obedient daughter. These roles leave you depleted, disillusioned and disappointed. They also reinforce the dangerous societal story that YOUR purpose doesn’t matter. That your life is less important than the lives of others. OH HELL NO.

We are determined to change all this.

And it starts right now.

The Revolutionary Woman Class is a place where women come together to break the rules, live your purpose and design a life you really love.

It’s like a virtual gym, but instead of building muscle, you build confidence and courage.


Our mission is to help women become empowered and live the life of their dreams by joining the Revolution.

We know that as women we are the furnaces, the fire burners of society. The ones who bring life and warmth to our family and keep our communities connected. We know that getting your fire even more LIT will ripple out into the world in a big way, and we are here for it.

You’ll know the Revolutionary Woman Class is for you if:

You don’t feel supported in any of your relationships, whether they’re romantic or platonic.

You want to be part of a community where we support each other in winning and growing

You’re ready to ditch those people-pleasing tendencies so you can step into your innate power (not someone else’s version of power, but your inner rebel that lets the world know who she is and what she wants).

You’re ready to start that side hustle, chase that passion project or finally write that book you’ve been dreaming about.

You know it’s time to finally commit to and make significant progress towards your passion, dream life, and healthy happy relationships now that revolutionizes your entire life.

You want to design a future that not only feels good to you but one that also makes a difference in the world.

If that’s you, then you’ll love the Revolutionary Woman Class and we’d love to have you!


what your life will look like – and more importantly feel like – when you step into your Revolutionary Woman shoes… you will:


your needs and desires


in yourself


self care


your gifts in the world


your impact and leave your mark


through your day being authentic and true to yourself


yourself deeply


up for and speak up for your rights and the rights of others


your wins and the wins of others


to be happy

Note to your rebel mind: You don’t have to be ALL of these things yet. You just need to have the desire to be happy and fulfilled. Even if in this moment, you’re not sure how to do that.


you’re not alone. We’re here for you and determined to help you win. Whatever’s stopping you from embodying all of these qualities – whether it’s people pleasing, a disempowered mindset, an overly-scheduled life, or prioritizing everyone else’s needs over your own (it’s okay, we’ve been there!), this class has got what you need.

The REVOLUTIONARY WOMAN CLASS brings together all aspects of Shereen’s Awaken The Rebel coaching programs so you can get all the support and sisterhood you deserve – for a fraction of the full price.

In the Facebook group, you’ll get: inspiration, sisterhood, and a bad ass supportive community that’s got your back.


We’ve worked with hundreds of women over the last 15 years.
When it comes to Empowerment we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

Revolutionary Women Chose Happiness

This means we ditch the fomo and keeping up with the Jones’ vibes for a life that is truly aligned. So we can live our purpose driven lives, honor our creativity and our ambitions. We don’t fall into the role of the martyr mother or dutiful daughter. We express our inner rebel and rule as the Queen of our lives.

Revolutionary Women get the support they need to rule like a Queen

They say it takes a village, and Revolutionary Women proactively build that village rather than being overworked, overtired and overwhelmed, oh hell no.

Revolutionary Women make Revolutionary decisions – at work and at home

This means valuing your time, not giving your power away, and getting the help necessary to boss chick it up in every aspect of your life. Like you know you were meant to.

Revolutionary Women take time for themselves

They take time away to rejuvenate, regroup and come back to center so they can operate in their lives from a place of empowerment rather than a place of depletion.


Everything you need to Transform from the dutiful daughter to the Embodied Queen.

Training. Inspiration. Sisterhood.
A brilliant community that’s got your back.
RWC brings it all together for you.

RWC brings it all together for you

Happiness training to support you in understanding the science of happiness so that you can unsubscribe from mindsets that don’t support you in being fulfilled and empowered in your life.

A community where you get to hang with ambitious, successful, empowered women and all that good juju will rub off on you.

Gain a tribe of empowered women who have your back when you’re down, celebrate your wins when you’re up, and hold space for your expansion as you grow.

In True Rebel Fashion, I Had To Flex By Adding More Bonuses To Make This Even Sweeter

Cubicle Monkey Revolution


Gain access to these interviews where Shereen talks with 27 experts on how to rebel against the 9-5 to live an extraordinary life. Learn from the greats – Christine Hassler, John Lee Dumas, Jim Britt (mentor to Tony Robbins) how to break out of that mundane dutiful life, and blaze a path that lights up your path.

($397 value)

The Revolutionary Leader


Raise your self-esteem in just 30 minutes. This guided workshop helps you turn your limiting beliefs into a confidence-boosting new personal contract that will be the benchmark for how you lead your life from here on out. Shereen creates one of these with every client she works with to help them lock in that confidence needed to change their life.

($197 value)

31 Days to Revolutionize Your Life


Get a daily dose of revolutionary energy from Shereen to help you revolutionize your life. She shares all the insights, science, and nuggets of wisdom that inevitably come up in her one-on-one coaching sessions to give you as much support as possible while you are in the process of changing your life. One-on-one coaching with her would be an investment of thousands of dollars, but these videos give you similar support on a daily basis for a fraction of the cost.

($497 value)

Revolutionary Woman Class

Empowers Women Like Shotgunning Beers Empowers Men

(Except Without The Douchery)

You’re getting instant access to the brand new class, Revolutionary Woman.


Cubicle Monkey Revolution… [valued at $397]


The Revolutionary Leader… [valued at $197]


31 Days to Revolutionize Your Life… [valued at $497]

That’s a total value of $1,091

For just $297

“Whoa whoa, back up.
Why so little?”

There she is!

Asking questions is a step in the rebel direction. Let me tell you why I’ve made this holy-makes-no-sense-if-you-don’t-get-it.

1. If women are ever gonna get the respect we deserve, it’s gonna take more than just a handful of rebels to do it. A low price means any woman can knuckle up and join the crusade.

2. Free stuff’s on YouTube. The real good shit you hafta pay for. And charging an amount, no matter how small, is enough to keep this outta the hands of flaky chicks who don’t take this shit serious.

3. I’ll be straight up. My evil plan is to give you my best stuff so you can get the best results without me. Then when you’re like, “Damn this shit really works,” my hope is for you to join my flagship coaching program when you’re ready.

We good?

“Take This Shit Back”

If you feel like you deserve more in this life…

Revolutionary Woman Class is the bridge to take you there.

But if you get your copy and don’t feel like it’s all that and a sack of potatoes…

Just let me know and I’ll give you back your dinero back.

No hard feelings. No sad nights sippin’ cosmos. Just good vibes because if you aren’t happy, I’m not happy.

Imagine How Good It’ll Feel To Stand Up For Yourself,
Prioritize Your Needs, And Never Feel Guilty About It Again…

Everyday I work with women who are one problem away from a nuclear meltdown.

They have picture perfect lives on the outside…

But they feel empty inside because they’ve been tolerating that elevator ride with that dude who sharted for way too long.

I was in the same position.

The steps in Revolutionary Woman are the same steps I took to:


Ditch a company who didn’t give a shit about their people


Face my fears of going against my parent’s wishes


Risk humiliation when I started doing stand-up comedy


And start a coaching business when I had no frikkin’ clue what I was doing

You might not care about those things but these steps will help you reach whatever goals you’re after too.

So you hafta ask yourself… How will you use the Revolutionary Woman Class?

Don’t Risk Another Day As A Sleeping Giant, Wake Your Inner Rebel And Become a Revolutionary Woman

One truth worth mentioning is that I’m competing against myself on Amazon when I sell through this page…

Which means I might have to take down this page soon.

So you can do either one of two things…

1. Put this off until later. Come back to find this page missing. *sad face*

2. Drop a measly $297 to Revolutionary Woman Class and $1,091 worth of disco bonuses to unlock your potential, wake your inner rebel, and misbehave your way to a life where no one’s opinion matters but your own. Yassss!!

Break The Rules, Live Your Purpose, And Find Your Happy With Your Copy Of The Revolutionary Woman Class

Girlfriend, it’s been real. Thank you for spending some time with me today.

I hope this gave you the courage to play full out, and I hope you say hi in the future.

Be yourself booboo, you deserve it.

Shereen Thor
Bestselling Author, Comedian With Nice Hair, and Founder of Awaken The Rebel


Scrolled down with the quickness?

Here’s a “get to the point” recap for you busy bees.

I’m releasing my brand new book, Revolutionary Woman, that shows how women can be unstoppable builders of their dream lives by rebelling against societal norms.

You’re getting instant access to the brand new Revolutionary Woman Class


Cubicle Monkey Revolution… [valued at $397]


The Revolutionary Leader… [valued at $197]


31 Days to Revolutionize Your Life… [valued at $497]

That’s a total value of $1,091

For just $297

This is my sneaky attempt to impress you to become a client by getting you mad results from a measly investment of $297.

No doubt you’ll be a completely different human when you finish reading but if not, let me know and I’ll give you your money back.


Much love queen.

Keep it easy!

About Shereen

Shereen Thor is a comedian turned coach who slays with hope and humor. She is a wife, a mom, a speaker, a writer, a coach, an adventurer, and a woman’s empowerment enthusiast.

She’s been a featured speaker for tens of thousands of people and shared the stage with Serena Williams, Prince Harry, and Pau Gasol.

Her mission is to help people break out of societal norms and do whatever the fuck they wanna do *without being dicks, of course.

She’s been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Spike TV, Insider, AMP Radio, and many more. And works with clients from Google, Facebook, Pandora, Slack, Yale, Chevron, Capital One, the Social Justice Learning Institute, Credit Karma… The list goes on and on. 

Check out for more of my dirty secrets.

Revolutionary Woman Raves

I’m rather at a loss for words to describe how much of a difference Shereen’s coaching has made in my life. She is exactly what I needed. She is an energetic, thoughtful, and insightful coach. What I have found to be most helpful is her keen listening skills, her discernment to take what I say and assess my needs, her ability to align my desired outcomes with specific steps to make progress on my goals, AND do it with wit and a well-rounded sense of how to support and encourage. 

Angela Johnson Peters I Associate Director of The Social Justice Learning Institute

Shereen is an insanely talented coach who will make you laugh, while transforming your life. She radiates positivity while doling out a beautiful blend of sage wisdom, human psychology, and deep leadership knowledge. She totally gets people.

Her guidance has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in what would have been costly leadership mistakes. She’s not a cheap coach, but I value having the best of everything…and she’s shown me that “doing the work” actually doesn’t have to be uber-painful, in fact, Shereen continually pushes me towards finding what makes me feel fully alive. Her advice has made me a deeply confident human in ways I can’t imagine I’d become without her; I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Bonnie Fahy | Founder at Source It!

Shereen is amazing! She has helped guide me through some major transformations – since starting work with her I went from being a new mom unsure of where to take my career to going back to school and launching a business. She really takes the time to get to know the YOU that the world should see. She will be your biggest cheerleader and won’t let self-limiting beliefs hold you back. She holds me accountable, creates momentum and action and just plain old gets results. As a solo entrepreneur it can be easy to get bogged down by the million things that need to get done, and Shereen is amazing at clearing out the cobwebs to get you clear on your goals and keep you focused. She has an amazing ability to take in the whole picture of you- your career, your relationships, your bandwidth, your hopes and dreams- and put it all together in a way that makes it all doable. I highly recommend working with Shereen!!

Rachel McFarland I Owner at Source + Sprout Nutrition

Shereen has helped me to dump old programming and limiting mentalities that I had long outgrown but was still holding on to like a scared child holding a security blanket. She’s challenged me to say adios to lackluster, boring, below-par living that was dragging me down and suffocating my soul and has guided me to my own personal North Star. To what rings true for me and me alone. I’d call her a courage whisperer without a second thought. She’ll empower you to feel like a bad ass at the end of every session. Or like a goddess. Or like a genius. Or like a sweet, beautiful soul at one with the world. Whatever your alter-ego of choice, Shereen will take you to that mountaintop with equal parts tough love the likes of a mama bear and equal parts heart-of-gold cheerleader who believes in you and what you want to achieve.

Lily Velaz I Author

Shereen is an incredible Coach. I’ve been working with her for the past year where I experienced some major life transitions. Each week, I left our coaching sessions feeling empowered and confident to take on whatever topic we discussed. Shereen is everything you’d want in a coach: (1) infectious confidence – she helps you believe in yourself fiercely, (2) organized methodologies – she keeps you on track and has a keen ear when listening to help you formulate goals you wouldn’t have defined yourself when sifting through a hundred +1 priorities, (3) empathetic and relatable – she makes it so easy to open up and connect so that you can be vulnerable and honest (without that, how can you really get to the bottom of where you envision yourself going?), and (4) powerful perspective – Shereen has a way of listening to not just what you say, but what you don’t say. Her ability to read between the lines and understand you is her strength. Using that, she is able to provide some incredibly thoughtful perspectives to situations. She pushes you to think about your own strengths and weaknesses differently, and in that alone, has helped me grow as a leader and as a person. I’m very thankful to have a Life Coach like Shereen and cannot recommend her enough.

Quynh Nhu Mai | Director of Recruiting at BetterUp

“Coaching with Shereen has truly been life changing. After just 3 months I have a new outlook on my future, and I’ve learned that anything I want in life I can have. One of my biggest accomplishments was getting accepted into graduate school, and Shereen encouraged me the whole way. During our sessions I learned how to get organized and stay on track with my goals. I also learned that without a plan it can be very hard to know where you are going. Whether I needed a sounding board for an idea or motivation to get through the week, Shereen made each session efficient and effective. What I loved most about having her as a coach was that for the first time there was someone holding space for me to strategize and mobilize towards the life of my dreams.”

Kiola Raines I Owner at Kinetic Nutrition

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