I help people rebel in the direction of their dreams, here are some props from my peeps

Shereen is an incredible Coach. I’ve been working with her for the past year where I experienced some major life transitions. Each week, I left our coaching sessions feeling empowered and confident to take on whatever topic we discussed. Shereen is everything you’d want in a coach: (1) infectious confidence – she helps you believe in yourself fiercely, (2) organized methodologies – she keeps you on track and has a keen ear when listening to help you formulate goals you wouldn’t have defined yourself when sifting through a hundred +1 priorities, (3) empathetic and relatable – she makes it so easy to open up and connect so that you can be vulnerable and honest (without that, how can you really get to the bottom of where you envision yourself going?), and (4) powerful perspective – Shereen has a way of listening to not just what you say, but what you don’t say. Her ability to read between the lines and understand you is her strength. Using that, she is able to provide some incredibly thoughtful perspectives to situations. She pushes you to think about your own strengths and weaknesses differently, and in that alone, has helped me grow as a leader and as a person. I’m very thankful to have a Life Coach like Shereen and cannot recommend her enough.

Quynh Nhu Mai | Director of Recruiting at BetterUp

“Coaching with Shereen has truly been life changing. After just 3 months I have a new outlook on my future, and I’ve learned that anything I want in life I can have. One of my biggest accomplishments was getting accepted into graduate school, and Shereen encouraged me the whole way. During our sessions I learned how to get organized and stay on track with my goals. I also learned that without a plan it can be very hard to know where you are going. Whether I needed a sounding board for an idea or motivation to get through the week, Shereen made each session efficient and effective. What I loved most about having her as a coach was that for the first time there was someone holding space for me to strategize and mobilize towards the life of my dreams.”

Kiola Raines I Owner at Kinetic Nutrition

Shereen is a force. She was just what I needed at a pivotal time in both my life and career. She listens, challenges, and coaches to your individual needs and goals. She brings both her unique experience, as well as thoughtful insights based on her own research and education. I look forward to our sessions each and every time we’re able to meet and excited about conquering a new set of personal/professional goals for the new year!

John Gu, VP of Finance, Growthday

Shereen had been my coach for a few weeks and already I feel more confident in my role. I recently moved into a management level role and was feeling overwhelmed and disorganized and was struggling to form boundaries. She was able to ask questions and guide me without telling me what to do and I felt the confidence kick in. From the professional success I have also seen personal growth in myself and have been able to delegate and find balance both in and out of work. She is easy to talk to and I can’t wait to see what continued coaching successes I will see!

Kate St Marie | Assistant Director, Yale University

Shahar Gur, PHD | People Insights at Snap Inc.

Shereen works the wonder that we are, but it’s up to us to do the work.

Ana Grande | VP of External Affairs and Community Engagement

If you need an expert who will hold you accountable while creating a safe space for you to plan out your goals, Shereen is the Coach you need! She helped me talk through 2 challenging goals (personal and professional). Both were achieved within a few months! Thanks Coach!

Cabrina McLain, CSMC | Senior Manager Talent Development-Retail at CVS Health

Shereen is an insanely talented coach who will make you laugh, while transforming your life. She radiates positivity while doling out a beautiful blend of sage wisdom, human psychology, and deep leadership knowledge. She totally gets people.

Her guidance has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in what would have been costly leadership mistakes. She’s not a cheap coach, but I value having the best of everything…and she’s shown me that “doing the work” actually doesn’t have to be uber-painful, in fact, Shereen continually pushes me towards finding what makes me feel fully alive. Her advice has made me a deeply confident human in ways I can’t imagine I’d become without her; I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Bonnie Fahy | Founder at Source It!

I’m rather at a loss for words to describe how much of a difference Shereen’s coaching has made in my life. She is exactly what I needed. She is an energetic, thoughtful, and insightful coach. What I have found to be most helpful is her keen listening skills, her discernment to take what I say and assess my needs, her ability to align my desired outcomes with specific steps to make progress on my goals, AND do it with wit and a well-rounded sense of how to support and encourage.

Angela Johnson Peters I Associate Director of The Social Justice Learning Institute

Shereen has been a coach unlike any other that I’ve had. When it comes to exploring with incredibly thoughtful questions, sharing insightful feedback and expressing her true investment in your growth, Shereen is the gold standard. She has challenged me with her inquisitive nature, while providing a safe space for me to seek within, identify core needs and to speak my truth – no matter how long it takes to land it. I’m especially appreciative of her ability identify actionable takeaways and encouraging me to take growth in my own hands with every week. I highly recommend Shereen to anyone seeking to break down personal barriers and seeking to experience the world in a more authentic and fulfilling way.

Zara Fong I Product Operations at Pandora Media

Shereen has brought a stronger sense of clarity, confidence, and courage to my role as Executive Director through our coaching sessions. Her energy and supportive nature has helped me grow as a leader and individual. I highly recommend Shereen as a coach if you are looking to strengthen your organization’s vision, infrastructure, or overall impact.

Richard Reyes, M.A. | Executive Director at PLUS ME Project

Shereen has helped me to dump old programming and limiting mentalities that I had long outgrown but was still holding on to like a scared child holding a security blanket. She’s challenged me to say adios to lackluster, boring, below-par living that was dragging me down and suffocating my soul and has guided me to my own personal North Star. To what rings true for me and me alone. I’d call her a courage whisperer without a second thought. She’ll empower you to feel like a bad ass at the end of every session. Or like a goddess. Or like a genius. Or like a sweet, beautiful soul at one with the world. Whatever your alter-ego of choice, Shereen will take you to that mountaintop with equal parts tough love the likes of a mama bear and equal parts heart-of-gold cheerleader who believes in you and what you want to achieve.

Lily Velaz I Author

Shereen helped me bring my dreams of becoming a coach to life. I came to her as a cop who had a dream of empowering others, and after working with her I founded a movement called Bold Without Apology. I learned from her how to be a good coach, and move people towards results. She helped me bring my dreams, passion and vision to life and it was through my work with her that being Bold Without Apology was born.

Kevin Hansford | Founder & Coach at Bold Without Apology

Shereen has supported my leadership development tremendously. She also reminds me to take care of myself which has made a big impact on my life. It’s so easy to get swept up in work and making a difference, that having her to hold space for my self care has helped me give from a cup that overflows rather than burning the candle at both ends. This has made an incredible difference in our organization and my quality of life.

Alison Hurst | Executive Director at Safe Place For Youth

I had been bartending for years and wanted to make sure I didn’t stay in that line of work forever, so I hired Shereen. In our first meeting I told her it would be impossible for me to choose a career path in that short of a time, and she just smirked. After only 3 months of coaching I had chosen a career path, started a vocational schooling program, and now work a for a huge company making more money than I ever thought I would. I am now married and believe much of this wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t hired her to get my life on track. I will never forget how much working with her changed my life.”

James Sneed I Technician at Ingersoll Rand

I’m truly grateful to have Shereen as my coach. Shereen always seems to truly understand where I’m coming from and she makes thoughtful adjustments that drive actual change in my life. In one session, we made some practical changes in my planning that have drastically improved my productivity and sense of accomplishment in my work. In another session, she had a recommendation that had a deeply profound impact on my executive presence and self-confidence – I am STILL unpacking the possibilities of this new “tool.” From very practical things to the deeply profound, Shereen has an approach that feels simple and doable.

Leslie Chanpong I Senior Talent Partner of Enterprise Sales at BetterUp

I didn’t know what a “good coach” was until I found Shereen. Like many of my previous coaches, Shereen listens attentively and matches my energy every session. Unlike others, though, Shereen is able to synthesize my thoughts accurately and creates a safe space for me to reflect, re-frame my thoughts, and practice imagination in creating the future I want for myself. I am beyond grateful and blessed to have Shereen as a resource in this journey and experiment of being human in this world.

Rosalinda Ceja I People Operations Support Lead at BetterUp

Shereen is amazing! She has helped guide me through some major transformations – since starting work with her I went from being a new mom unsure of where to take my career to going back to school and launching a business. She really takes the time to get to know the YOU that the world should see. She will be your biggest cheerleader and won’t let self-limiting beliefs hold you back. She holds me accountable, creates momentum and action and just plain old gets results. As a solo entrepreneur it can be easy to get bogged down by the million things that need to get done, and Shereen is amazing at clearing out the cobwebs to get you clear on your goals and keep you focused. She has an amazing ability to take in the whole picture of you- your career, your relationships, your bandwidth, your hopes and dreams- and put it all together in a way that makes it all doable. I highly recommend working with Shereen!!

Rachel McFarland I Owner at Source + Sprout Nutrition

Working with Shereen changed my life. I came to her in a time where I was going through a major career transition. Through our sessions I was able to quiet the noise of what I had done in the past to create the vision of what I truly wanted in my future. After 3 months of coaching with her I moved to the beach which was a dream I wanted for 12 years. We continued coaching together to cultivate my vision for the next chapter of my life and as a result I landed an amazing creative role. It affords me the stability to grow my family, and the freedom to be as creative as I want. It’s an absolute dream job, I feel like I’m thriving and getting to do all the things I love. I know much of this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Shereen.

Carlo Moss | Director of Development at Octopie Studios