#13 – My Stripper Sage Bestie Christina Dunbar


Our guest for today is one of my best friends, and I am so excited to share her with you! She is so special in so many ways and when you listen, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

We discuss her story of going from dancer to spiritual mentor. She is an expert at taking off the mask, getting out of your head and getting into your heart.

We discuss the breakdown of the patriarchy & how women are coming into themselves more to be the actual truth of themselves rather than just a one-dimensional character. It’s SO fun to share her with you, enjoy!

In this episode you will hear:

-About Christina’s journey from ballet dancer, to stripper to a fully self-actualized woman

-How she found her power, connected to her body, found healing and finally realized the dream of writing her one woman show Dirty Me Divine to fulfill her soul’s purpose

-About Greek Mythology – the idea of Dharma and how that can help you get clear on your soul’s true path verses defaulting into society’s agenda



Insights & Quotes:

“Art opens up our imagination.” Christina Dunbar

“If you want to change your life, you have to change your state.” Tony Robbins

“Do the thing that expands you.” Christina Dunbar

“Do the things that activate your imagination, go play.” Christina Dunbar

“You’re an artist because you are expressing the song in your soul.” Christina Dunbar

“Your soul isn’t thinking in numbers and statistics; it’s feeling its way through.” Christina Dunbar

“You can’t avoid your Dharma.” -Shereen

“It’s not about how you get to that thing, it’s about who you need to become to allow that thing to come in?” -Kyle Cease

“Let it be okay to be playful and illogical and unreasonable sometimes.” -Shereen



The Book of Dharma: Making Enlightened Choices by Simon Haas