#27 – Creative Career Paths with Brian Moote


I am so excited to share my longtime friend and accidental career mentor Brian Moote. He was the one who first inspired me to do stand-up comedy and over a decade later he is helping my tired momming ass get into radio lol. He’s basically a saint and my creative hero. You may recognize him from The Morning Show on 97.1 Amp Radio in Los Angeles. Leave it to this dude to find a way to have a super cool creative career that also provides stability. What an ahole lol. Jkjk. In this episode you will get a glimpse into how Brian started his very impressive career, first in Special Ed and then moving into comedy. Hear his story on how he paved his road into a dream job, and hopefully it helps you pave your path too! He’s inspiring, entertaining and keeps it so damn real. I am a mega fan, and I know you will be too. Enjoy!

In this episode you will hear:

– About Brians struggles in making the shift to an out of the box career goal. From McDonalds left overs, to city hoping, to divorce and life tragedy – his story has it all.

-How Brian’s unorthodox path to a successful and stable career in radio brings him to Amp Radio today.

-How creative career development with it’s unclear path often times comes back to working out relationship problems.

-How Shereen Thor uses a coaching technique to help Brian with his desire to avoid conflict in his career and in his relationships.

-How some of Shereen’s relationship conflicts ended and what they were about (I always enjoy airing my dirty laundry).


” I just want to make people laugh.” – Brian Moote

”So I remember when I used to drive, god awful jobs that I hated. Like, you listen to radio, and you get involved in these people’s lives, and you want to chime in. And then next thing you know, your drive has gone by so much faster because you had people to entertain you the whole time.” – Brian Moote

“There’s really no roadmap laid out specifically in stand-up comedy for how to move to the next level, because there’s no chain of command, and you can go from nobody to the biggest touring comic in the world overnight.” – Brian Moote

“I didn’t come from a family where you could just go Yeah, I’m going to be a comedian. We are an Irish Catholic family they are like, no, you’re gonna get a real job.” – Brian Moote

“I think sometimes that’s really the issue, is that there isn’t a roadmap for how you do an entertainment career. You know exactly how to go be a doctor and certainly going to be a lot of hard work, but at least you have the steps lined up.” – Shereen Thor

“Oftentimes, awareness in and of itself can be medicine.” – Shereen Thor

“I’d have you put this in your phone as a reminder – ‘conflict can strengthen relationships’. And it would just literally remind you on your phone, every day, three, four or five times a day” – Shereen Thor




Up Late w/ Brian Moote & Patrick Moote & Shereen Thor