#24 – Can I be a mom and still enjoy freedom?


Today’s show is all about how motherhood is a marathon and sometimes we can feel trapped inside of it. I once had a mom client say, “it’s relentless” and even though it’s not popular to express negative feelings about motherhood I can say that I agree.

We explore how self judgement can get in the way of you getting what you need and how self-care is NOT selfish. How giving yourself what you need actually supports you in BEING what your family needs. Enjoy.

In this episode you will hear:

  • When you don’t get enough space for yourself you can turn into a shittier version of you and then become a self-judging creep lol.
  • When you identify your needs, you open yourself up to truly enjoying the spontaneous moments of motherhood that you may otherwise miss.
  • Why giving yourself space feeds more freedom into your life even when you are surrounded by children lol
  • How much joy can come from this little experiment
  • Personal examples of how I need to fight for the freedom I need inside of my family so that I can be fun and free WITH my kids <3

Questions from Shereen:
“What is something that you need right now that you haven’t been giving to yourself? Whether it be because you’re invalidating it, you think it’s silly, frivolous, whatever, what is something that you really just need? And you know that if you got it, you would feel way better, but you’re kind of talking yourself out of it. I would love to hear what is that thing?” Shereen Thor

“Motherhood is relentless. It’s 24/7 marathon. And just a small insight about me – I don’t know what your style is. but I’m not a marathon runner. I’m a sprinter. This is something I’ve learned about myself over the years. I can do something really hard and really fast. But I need to stop 100%, take a total break, and then I can go again.” Shereen Thor

“I’m not a slow and steady marathon runner. If I am in a slow and steady marathon life at actually just like drains the life out of me because I need those breaks.” Shereen Thor

“So if I was feeling still suffocated, it wouldn’t have sounded fun to me to play tag, but because I was feeling free. It sounded fun to me to run around with a bunch of kids and act like a big kid myself.” Shereen Thor

“So I just want to encourage you today to give yourself what you need. Like for me maybe it’s breaks and freedom to get more freedom and good Juju. For you maybe it’s something else. Like maybe you are a marathon runner and you’re good with that, but there’s something else you need that you’re not giving yourself.” Shereen Thor

“I really love to hear about people giving themselves what they need so that they can feel happy, free, fulfilled, joyous and free giving and living giving and living from a place of overflow.” Shereen Thor