#22 – The True Definition of Soulmates


Today’s show is all about why your soulmate sometimes feels like your adversary. I get honest about sticky fights with my hot hubs and my own codependent tendencies within my marriage. Conflict is just change trying to happen, and our true healing coming through. Stick with it boo, it’s worth it.I don’t love the Gary Vee philosophy on grinding it out in my career, I tend to succeed when I take a more feminine magnetic approach. But I LOVE the philosophy of grinding it out in regard to my marriage, and I believe the divorce rate would be much lower if we all adopted that belief. So no silverlining today y’all! Just encouraging you to be in the grind.

In this episode you will hear:

-How your soulmate turns into your adversary and how that can be FOR your highest good, not against you.

-The magic of how when you find your soulmate, you are attracting the partner that is going to help you heal in the ways that will ultimately make you the most whole, especially when you get to a point you can’t stand another minute of it. Push through boo! It’s lovely on the other side.

-How the miracle of growth and life is often ugly, so our healing path shouldn’t be any different.

-Personal examples from me and how I have had to fight for the life I want with my soulmate.


“That is exactly what a soulmate is, that when you find your soulmate and decide to do life with them for the long term, you are basically attracting the partner that is going to help you heal in ways that will ultimately make you the most whole.”

“We don’t love the thought of the grind inside the relationships.”

“I’m going to be your Gary V for relationships. There is a grind in relationships and that is where the magic is, when you are freaking in it, when you are willing to stay and stick it out, when you are willing to be in the hard and the uncomfortable ugly parts, that is really all the magic right there.”

“You deserve to have all that happily ever after because you put in the work.”

Questions from Shereen:

“For you at home, I really would love to hear how this lands for you. Feel free to e-mail me directly at Shereen@awakentherebel.com and tell me about it.