#21 – Wild Soul Movement w/ Elizabeth Dialto


Today’s show is a blast because we get to jam with Dialto! She is one of the ONLY people I know personally who is a coach and comedian at the same damn time lol. So as you can imagine this episode will be filled with insight and entertainment (my two favorite things). I am not much for the gram, but I love hers. I feel she does a great job of adding nuance to our very obnoxious meme magazine life on the internet. So check her out for sure.

In this episode we talk about tuning into our bodies to guide us through life, cut through the noise and point us back to ourselves. We talk about boundaries, restoration, and what happens to people who don’t find what they need. Enjoy.

In this episode you will hear:

-Elizabeth’s story, how she got into energetic body work and her discoveries along the way

-About the path behind the book that Elizabeth wrote called “Untame yourself” and how it’s not just about physical fitness, but it’s also about connecting to your body through movement and emotion

-About how when she was a personal trainer, she would help people prep for weddings & discovered that the desire for external approval ran deep and how she started to want to look deeper

-Elizabeth’s curious connection between how when women would get their desired physical results something emotional would come up and quickly ruin their progress.

-Her own insights into being an alpha chick and how expressing her feminine has evolved

-How Elizabeth chose to make the move from personal trainer to wild soul movement bad ass. She wanted to teach them how to work in instead of just working out. She wanted to help them get the key to all of their desired results.

– Hear about Elizabeth’s energetic body work and what it is like discovering what it feels like to connect with yourself without shame or hate.

– Elizabeth’s ideas surrounding the need for solid boundaries and how without them you will be drained.

– Hear about learning how to manage the energetic absorption of the energies you are around. How we have learned unhelpful ways to manage environmental energy depending on what our family and environment taught us

-How living in the modern world can tax us energetically especially when you are a sensitive person and have a big justice button (I can SO relate).

-How the culture is geared towards everyone gets a trophy and it is getting in the way of accountability and consequences

“It’s about how to get into the real ‘reel’ of life and not just the highlight reel.” -Elizabeth Dialto

“And the teacher said to my mom, ‘I don’t know why your daughter seems to think she needs to be the lawyer of the classroom,’ and my mom said, ‘why don’t you tell me why my daughter thinks your classroom needs a lawyer.” -Elizabeth Dialto

“People who check out, they are not engaging with their lives, could lead to addiction, anything in excess instead of engaging with the world” -Elizabeth Dialto

“People love enthusiasm, it’s like an oxygen mask for people who lack enthusiasm” -Elizabeth Dialto

“Whenever you feel resentful, it’s a sure-fire sign that you have over given. Whenever you feel guilty it’s a surefire sign you feel like you didn’t give enough. “ -Elizabeth Dialto

“Listen to your body and start to recognize what yes’ and no’s feel like” -Elizabeth Dialto

“Excited and anxious kind of all exist on the same spectrum.” – Elizabeth Dialto

“No’s you might feel pain, tension, sick to the stomach, fluttering in the heart that is fear, anxiety can be a very heavy feeling” – Elizabeth Dialto

“You do not owe anyone an explanation, just a yes or a no” -Elizabeth Dialto

“I started the Awaken the Rebel Movement after I realized I need to give myself permission to be bad sometimes, but now I am getting to the point that it’s not really bad, it is just the truth, it’s just different. My family values being a Doctor or a Lawyer, I’m more an artist.” – Shereen Thor

“Advice of the day, #be a huge C#nt” -Shereen Thor

“Your team did not perform as well; you do not get a trophy. There needs to be consequences which is really just accountability” – Elizabeth Dialto



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