#20 – Give Me the F#*ing Ball


Today’s show is all about Abby Wambach, a US Olympic Gold Medalist and her #1 New York Times Bestseller book titled, “Wolfpack.” She is a beast (in all the right ways) and has much to say about women taking the lead and empowering each other.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How Abbey’s insights into taking the f#*ing ball as a woman and what that means for you
  • Why you should not be afraid to say, “Give me the F#*ing Ball” at the top of your proverbial lungs
  • How having your own wolfpack of women can lead towards teaching each other assertiveness as a whole

Questions from Shereen:

 “Where in your life are you avoiding demanding what you deserve, where can you take back the ball? Where in your life are you giving up too much power?

“After you have thought a little about where you can take back the F#*ing ball, will you email me and let me know? I want to hear about it, that would make my day!”

E-mail me directly at Shereen@awakentherebel.com


“I just want to thank you for being here, because there is just something about doing this podcast that is really feeling so soul satiating and so good, it’s just making me feel like my soul has a home.”

“Right now is a time where people are listening to women more than ever.”

“My whole thing is Awaken the Rebel, which invites people to be a little bit bad and see where that takes them in the direction of their highest good and the highest good of those around them”

“This idea of fuck little red riding hood, let’s be the wolf and ALSO let’s run in packs just really gets me juiced up.”

“I gotta be honest, hearing that story was a pivotal story for me, because I felt really confronted in my life. There are places where I am still wanting to people please or sort of vote for harmony and forego my own needs.”

“It has become this signature sentence we (my personal woman wolfpack) just throw around (Give me the F#*ing Ball)”


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Episode where Abby tells her story about “Give me the F#*ing Ball”

 Find Abby Wambach’s book and listen to it on Audible on Amazon – Wolfpack