#19 – Life & Death Talk with Sharzad Kiadeh


Today’s show is all about the taboo conversation of what it’s like to deal with losing a loved one. My dad died when I was 17 and I’ve been wanting to talk about that experience ever since. So, when Sharzad started to share on social media that her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer I knew we had to talk.

I am SO geeked out excited to have her on the show! You will hear about my creepy girl crush in the episode lol, but my stalker ass aside she is really such a gem. Truly entertaining, hilarious and delightful yet so real, vulnerable and honest about the fact that the struggle is real. She’s such a breath of fresh air in real life and on the interwebs.

*Since this episode was recorded her mom has passed away, and we will likely record another one in a few months to talk about how she feels.

In this episode you will hear:

-Sharzad’s story about her amazing mother who was diagnosed with terminal cancer

-How she has learned to cope with that news

-My story about how my dad died when I was 17

-A conversation we all desperately need because death is a part of life that we can’t avoid

-A colon cancer joke that you will either love or will make you hate us both immediately

-Sharzad’s tips for dealing with death




“She’s dying the way she lived, full of people and love and energy and happiness.” Sharzad Kiadeh

“This has truly taught me to focus on the present.” Sharzad Kiadeh

“I have had so many more honest conversations with people ever since this diagnosis.” Sharzad Kiadeh

“I have made so many things in my life more intentional like the time with my kids or my mom.” Sharzad Kiadeh

“If you are going through a really rough time finding something that is fulfilling to your personal life and gets you up every day to go live your life is going to be the thing that makes or breaks you.” Sharzad Kiadeh

“Finding my purpose and my sense of fulfillment came from a lot of soul searching.” Sharzad Kiadeh

“If I have something that I work towards every day then I’ll be happy, and I can have something to get up and live for.” Sharzad Kiadeh

“My mom is so woke about death that I have to be too.” Sharzad Kiadeh



Sharzad’s youtube video with her mom on life and death

Many Lives Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss

Deepak Chopra on Spotify

Baba Ram Dass on Death