#18 – Does Having A Relationship Make You Happy?


Today’s show is all about relationships in the context of living an extraordinary life. Do they make you happier or is that just a myth? We talk about some researched based information about what makes people happy, healthy and have longevity. As well as how the relationship itself needs the most honest version of yourself to truly thrive.

In this episode you will hear:

-Research based information on if relationships make you happy or not

-How being honest can support you carving out an extraordinary life

-How honesty is paramount when it comes to having a healthy relationship



Questions from Shereen:

“Do you tend to be easy going at our own expense?”


“If your relationship is based on the premise that they get what they want at your expense, then that’s not a healthy relationship.” Shereen Thor

“Sometimes you have to fight for what you want in your relationships on behalf of the health of all involved.” Shereen Thor

“If you keep shrinking inside your relationship, then you’re the one killing the relationship and you’re the one killing yourself.” Shereen Thor

“Relationships are only healthy if both parties are arising as unique, true to themselves and finding ways to meet in the middle.” Shereen Thor