#17 – How Do You Translate Your Passion into Money?


Today’s show is all about how my friend Laurel House did just that. She went from obsessing over boys in the third grade to becoming a full-fledged dating coach. We get a peek into her journey from being an entertainment professional, to a publicist, to realizing she just didn’t like to be told what to do lol (sounds like us rebels haha) so she naturally decided to work for herself. She is a total treat to listen to from love advice to blow jobs, this is one you won’t want to miss.

In this episode you will hear:

– How Laurel paved her path from employee to entrepreneur

– How you can turn your obsessions into your passion-based business

– How to get better at anything (even blow jobs yassss)




“What do you obsess over? Would anyone give you money to do something like that?” Laurel House


“If you hate people telling you what to do, you may be wired as an entrepreneur.” Shereen Thor

“Anyone who wants more than they currently have start thinking about what you’re good at and what you know.” Laurel House

“Translate areas of potential weakness into potential strengths, this is being confidently vulnerable.” Laurel House

“So many people say that you have to have a specific path, and I don’t know if I believe that.” Laurel House

“Think about what’s going to make you feel safe [when it comes to making the transition to entrepreneurship].” Laurel House

“If you shut down in fear, then try your best not to get yourself in a fearful position.” Laurel House

“Go at it from all directions and figure out what makes you thrive so that you can have the confidence to succeed.” Laurel House

“Stop saying I’m going to try, and just start doing it.” Laurel House

“Grab entrepreneurship by the balls.” Shereen Thor