#16 – Is Creativity Silly?


Today’s show is all about creativity and how it lights you up. We live in an “adult” culture where we don’t allow creativity to have much of a place because it doesn’t necessarily produce a “result.” We explore how creativity can breathe life into your LIFE and therefore it can in fact create tangible results.

In this episode you will hear:

-How creativity can breathe life and energy into your soul

-How creativity can help you decompress without a screen

-How a sense of play can do wonders for your hot bod



Questions from Shereen:

“What are the places in your life that you want to be creative?” Shereen Thor


“Playing the Ukulele makes me feel so giddy and alive and ridiculous.” Shereen Thor

“We have overly dutiful lives. Do something that makes you feel fun, that gives you a sense of play, that gives you time and space for your soul to create and feel alive. Because that sense of aliveness will run rampant and make you so much better as a husband, wife, parent, entrepreneur, employee, artist…” Shereen Thor

“Don’t blow off your creative desires. Your creativity is your soul’s way of breathing life into your existence and feeling alive.” Shereen Thor

“The more you blow off your creativity you are telling your soul, ‘sorry bro you don’t get to be alive right now.’” Shereen Thor

“We are losing that sense of play in our crazy task oriented Western Culture.”