#15 – What To Do With Dissatisfaction In Your Life


Today’s show is all about how to live a non-traditional life. Sometimes if we don’t fulfill American Dream we can feel like we are a failure, but what if that’s not the path for us? What do we do when we have dissatisfaction with the norm? What do we do to resolve that dissatisfaction?

In this episode you will hear:

-How Cindy did not trust my rebel ass for a while in the beginning lol

-How do you create the right definition of success for YOU

-What does it mean when you don’t fit in in high school?

-What do you do when you have that moment of, “Is this ALL THERE IS to life?”

-How art helps you connect to your soul.

-How you can create a judgement free zone.

-How fun can support your life purpose.

-What is a Tiny House (and is that a possible road to your unique life of freedom)?



Questions from Cindy:

“What do you really want in your life?” Cindy Andrews

“Are you dissatisfied in your current job or your marriage or a friendship? Do you need to change something in your life?” Cindy Andrews


“Sometimes you can feel lost even if you don’t look lost to the outside world.” Shereen Thor

“There’s always a way.” Cindy Andrews

“Take time to connect to your creativity, it’s so valuable.” Cindy Andrews

“Having a coach is like having a partner in life strategy.” Shereen Thor

“Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.” Carl Jung

“Stop asking for permission.” Shereen Thor

“Coaching has helped me get unstuck, there have been so many times where I hung up the phone and felt a renewed excitement.” Cindy Andrews