#34 – Spotlight on Rebel Writer – Kristin Giese


This week I have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to Kristin Giese.  Holy Poop buckets she is funny! What I was so pleasantly surprised by during this episode was her super sage wisdom and all the chills I got listening to her. I felt like I was in the studio with Brene Brown! Join us as we laugh about the weird and let our freak flags fly. Kristin started her career as a publicist and grew into a talent manager. She hails from the lifestyle space and owns her own business launching products for high profile clients. She most recently wrote her own novel unVerfied. Coming from big brand markets like Oprah, Target, NBC, Ace Hardware, and others Kristin reveals what it’s like to be a woman in workplace, dealing with disappointments, and how to hold on to our creative endeavors.

In this episode you will hear:
-How to keep yourself and your integrity even when people are letting you down and falling short on their promises.

-About Kristin’s journey from talent managing to becoming the the talent.

-About the entrepreneurial spirit that guides us to look for opportunities

-When the time is right to strike.

-Why Kristin chose to write a Rom Com and what led her to the “unexpected” choice.

-Amazing wisdom from Kristin on how family that has become your adversary can inadvertently help you find something important.

-How the journey comes with a lot of no’s, and how people don’t come through when you think they will, but how the path inevitably becomes clearer and you become wiser.

“Success is rising in the fall.” – Kristin Giese

“I think people hold themselves back by starting a narrative of all the reasons something can’t happen before they even attempt it.” – Kristin Giese

“Some of my biggest enemies, for lack of a better term, have taught me and given me my biggest gifts.” – Kristin Giese

“The truth is, is some of the people who come at you the hardest to put you down the most are the most afraid that you’re going to outgrow them if you move past them because they see your power.” – Kristin Giese

“Sometimes people need to make you the bad guy because it benefits their story to give you that narrative. Everyone has an agenda.” – Kristin Giese

“You know, now, especially because what I do professionally as a talent manager and producer feels like a gut instinct. It is a gut instinct, it is a reflex, it is an intuition. It comes naturally to me. But what came even easier was writing this book.” – Kristin Giese

“There’s power in moving.” – Kristin Giese

“Don’t psych yourself out. Just take a step towards your goal every day and don’t give up.” -Kristin Giese

Kristin’s Website: https://www.allmoxie.com/

Find Kristin Giese on IG @Allmoxie