#33 – Are you a “Wanter?”


This week we bring back my bestie Christina Dunbar. Please join us as we wax poetic on the philosophies of life in the creative entrepreneur grind. In this episode, we talk shop about our hearts competing desires for goals surrounding art and family and how that can drain us over time if we are not careful. The part of us that wants more vs. choosing to be content with what we currently have. I know this is something a lot of us struggle with so I hope this episode supports you today.

In this episode you will hear:

-How wanting can tempt us to be absent from the present that is happening now.

-How you can water different areas of your life to keep balance in your different roles and talents.

-How to be aware of when you are in survival mode and ignoring the voices that support all the different parts of your heart.

-Why Shereen hosts women’s retreats into the woods for 3 days with space to decompress, tech detox, and juice cleanses to help women reconnect with their hearts.

-How “The Red Tent” is a book about how women were honored during their cycle and they were able to take a break.

-How to stop and tune into the present moment and have no demands on you, carving out time and space to just be.

-How carving out space for yourself will nourish you so you don’t want to push things away, but you are able to engage fully.

-How Tony Robbins says, “it’s not the amount of time you have, it is the amount of energy you have.”

-How to find the balance as an entrepreneur and a woman –  when to use the energy to push for things to happen, versus stopping and being in the preset.

-The difference between the pushing and chasing energy in the feminine and how knowing the difference can help you find balance.

-About how to tune into how you are feeling and sort out the what might be draining you.

-About how to specifically tune into your emotions with your intuition and your body to test your goals for how they are making feel. And, how this helps to sort out what is something you think should achieve versus a true soul goal.

-How to feel your way into your goals, and to ask your heart and body what you want to experience.

-How body intelligence (gut instinct) and turning inward can help you come to the truth of what you want.

“Do you really need more than you have right now?” – Shereen Thor

“Get out of the house. Don’t just be on the computer all day focusing on this one thing trying to get to the next goal.” – Christina Dunbar

“Sometimes when you let go of the idea of what to achieve it frees up all of your energy. You feel more abundant because there isn’t something in your future that needs all of your resources to maintain.” -Shereen Thor

“We’re not taught how to feel our way into desires and goals.” – Christina Dunbar

“I’m not saying you gotta love all your life, because life is hard and painful. And there’s a lot in the journey. But, really tuning into the heart – yeah, that’s really good.” – Christina Dunbar

“There really is a body intelligence that we have that we are not taught to honor.” -Christina Dunbar

“I think logic, logic and statistics are helpful. But there’s nothing like gut instinct. They did a study on CEOs that went for gut instinct, over fact, over statistics over all these, you know, numbers.  And, they did the best in terms of what they brought in money wise.” – Christina Dunbar

Christina Dunbar is a storyteller, writer, director, and facilitator. She is the creator of She Takes The Stage, a program that’s produced over 40 one woman shows for women. Christina currently works with women and uses performance tools to help clients captivate from the stage. As an artist, Christina is prepping to tour her one woman show, Dirty Me Divine, which has been shared with sold-out audiences in LA, Boston, and San Francisco. Find her @ christinadunbar.com