#31 – Storytelling and why it matters w/ Richard Reyes


Today’s show is with my friend and client Richard Reyes who is the Founder of one of my favorite nonprofits – The Plus Me Project.  It is a story telling nonprofit that builds self-esteem in young folks by helping them write and share their personal story. Richard Reyes is an inspirational paver of roads less traveled and has set out to do something no one else was doing in schools.  In the last six years since he opened the doors to his nonprofit, The Plus Me Project has impacted thousands. He gets the rebel life, the creative life, thinking outside the box, and thinking for yourself in a way that allows you to be you and embrace your unique path. He is a thought leader and a rebel, and I am overjoyed to share him with you today, enjoy.

In this episode you will hear:

-How Richard Reyes came up with his brainchild ThePlusMeProject.org

-About Richards personal story and what inspired him to pave his own way

-How you can get rejected by colleges when you can’t articulate your story

-How stories support youth in connecting to themselves and others

-How coaching helps leaders like Richard reach their vision

-About Shereen’s story of her launch of Awaken the Rebel and how her vision lines up with Richard’s

-Why asking yourself, “What’s my story & why am I here?” is so important

-How coaching and therapy are different

-Why coaching is a safe place to work out what’s going on in your professional life.


“I just figured I would launch it.” -Richard Reyes

“What does your spirit want to do that’s illogical and crazy?”  -Shereen Thor

“My mom was like, ‘Yo, son, like, we love you, but like, you’re not gonna reach 10,000 kids.”

-Richard Reyes

“The confidence is built in when you know who you are and you’re able to own that.” – Richard Reyes

“Culture is from the top down, y’all. All day! It does not matter. So, if you are working somewhere that has a toxic ass culture because you have a toxic ass CEO, it’s not going to change – leave.” Shereen Thor

“Call me judge-y, but it’s disgusting.” – Shereen Thor

“It [coaching] pushed me and it helped me see things. I gained so much confidence and my voice came out, in a way I’d never had –  I’ve been really been on cloud nine since you’ve been my coach. And I don’t just say that because we’re on this podcast, like it’s truly, truly changed everything. So, I will continue utilizing your wonderful services as long as I can.” – Richard Reyes

Do you have a story to tell youth? The Plus Me Project is looking for speakers this school year. Find us at www.theplusmeproject.org

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