#30 – Irreverence or Compliance?


Today’s show is all about the energy of irreverence and how it can affect your personal development if you choose to use it. Sometimes we choose compliance for the greater good and it can be at our own expense. So we explore irreverence and how it can sometimes set you free.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How irreverence can be a good thing.
  • The magic of finding the freedom to tell all of your story and not holding on to secrets for others.
  • How asking yourself a very important question can potentially save you from further harm.
  • Personal examples from my life that triggered the need to evaluate where we are on the scale of irreverence to compliance and how that made a difference for me in the long run.

Where do you fall on the scale of irreverence verses compliance? Is it helping you or hurting you?

”I am having a new found respect for sharing your story.”

“Sometimes when we want to protect another, and we are unwilling to speak our actual truth, and it’s self-harming.”

“We all want to keep it cool, we don’t want to be that person – the one who blows the whistle.”