#26 – Irrational Impulses are Good for your Soul


Today’s show is all about how there is genius in your irrational or nonsensical impulses. Sometimes you know you want something, but you don’t know how it will benefit your life, so these desires go easily ignored. This episode is all about how your subconscious speaks to you. We have all been trained to follow cookie cutter paths that make tons of sense, but a life worth living isn’t always the logical one. What are some of your random desires? If one is to have a podcast of your own, we would love to support you with that too.

In this episode you will hear:

– How my irrational impulses like stand-up comedy and playing the ukulele have opened a hugely fulfilling path for her heart and soul.

– The magic of finding and identifying your illogical impulses & how that can open you up to your best life.

– How pushing through the uncertainty of an illogical path can be rewarding.

– Personal examples from me about my desire to launch this podcast and my struggle to produce it.

I love to hear about people giving themselves what they need even when it’s irrational, especially when it’s irrational so that they can feel happy, free, fulfilled, joyous and giving from a place of overflow. Would you email me directly at Shereen@awakentherebel.com or comment on social, because this stuff fascinates me and I want to hear what irrational impulses you have followed to success.

“I wanted quit a master’s degree and started doing stand-up comedy. It made no sense, but it opened my world to a new career path that lasted over a decade. It has really ultimately developed the truth of my purpose.”

“But I felt it, like right in between my boobs, it was like, it just feels like truth to me.”