#12 – Can You Set Boundaries and Still Be Liked?


Today’s show is all about setting boundaries and how that relates to empowerment personally and professionally. Leadership requires boundary setting which can be hard when you like to be liked.

So, we explore what this means and how it can affect us when we don’t stand in our truth.

In this episode you will hear:

-About Shereen’s super anonymous top secret executive coaching client who is dealing with frustrating politics within an organization

– A discussion on stepping into your power and how that can be uncomfortable at times

-How you can draw boundaries to gain more energy, life and cultivate leadership in your professional and personal life



Coaching Questions from Shereen (for you):

“Where are the places in your life where you are NOT setting boundaries?”

“Where in your life are you letting people get away with things at your own expense?”


“My hope for you is that you’re able to rock it in all these areas of your life without taking away from your truth.”

“When we stand in our truth, we are the most empowered high vibe version of ourselves.”