How A Former Comedian

Transforms Women From“People Pleasing Princesses” To “Kick Ass Queens”

Lessons Learned From A Girl Who Ditched The American Dream To Shine Bright On The Center Stage

Sup Queen?!
I’m Shereen, nice to e-meet you. If you landed here, I’m guessing you were bamboozled into following the same, “3 Steps To Success”:
Step 1 — Get a degree.
Step 2 — Get a stable job.
Step 3 — Get married and make babies.
…Cue the trumpets & live happily ever after! Were we brainwashed or what?! Because if these steps were supposed to make you happy… Why does it feel like your brain won’t stop crying?

“I was doing what I was told to do. I went to school, got a degree, and landed a good job. But there was one problem: it wasn’t what I wanted.

And you feel guilty for it too, don’t you?


Like you’re not allowed to feel sad.


That you should be happy with what you have.


And you shouldn’t feel anything but grateful because other girls would switch spots with you in a heartbeat.

It’s like being stuck in an elevator with a guy who just sharted…
Oh hell no he didn’t lol.

I know about this sharting a-hole because I’ve been there.

And if I never did what I’m about to tell you…

I’d be drinking depresso every morning on the way to a “great job” where I’d work twice as hard as everyone else just to prove that I deserve to be there.

Living a life that somebody else wanted… So my mom would be happy.

And wearing a fake smile all day… So no one would be burdened by my feelings.

“I was doing what I was told to do. I went to school, got a degree, and landed a good job. But there was one problem: it wasn’t what I wanted.

I was wasting away like a dropped popsicle in the summer sunshine.

And like stepping on a lego without shoes on…

Things got worse when a slimy colleague told me, “If you don’t lose your attitude I’m going to bend you over this desk and spank you.”

This colossal douchebag tried to put me in my place.

And when I finally mustered the courage to tell the higher ups…

The CEO downplayed it and asked ME to get over it instead of doing what was right.

I lost faith in my company and even though I couldn’t stand to be there…

I didn’t leave because people said it would look bad on my resume.

I was lost.

As if I was trapped in a cell with nothing but wandering thoughts of a life better than this one.

The stress wore me down because nothing I did felt significant.

I tried being more positive, getting away for vacations, meditating in the mornings…

But nothing worked to make me feel happy.

That’s when a friend dragged me to my first self-help seminar.

And even though I thought I was too cool for a “cheesy-ass seminar…”

It changed my entire life. ❤️

Having an Executive Coach Give You a Dose of Real-talk is Just What You Need to Unlock Your Full Potential

My mom wasn’t impressed by the idea of me listening to some strange guru speak for hours…

And she definitely wasn’t excited when I told her I wanted to do comedy.

But I was done being a people-pleasing zombie.

It was time for ME. I started moonlighting as a stand-up comedian…

The stage lit me up and the audience set me on fire. 

Peeps would pull up to a show, get tipsy, and laugh until their drinks were squirting through their noses.

And this fueled me even further to do any motha-luvin’ thing I wanted.

Sometimes The Only Mode Of Transportation Is A Leap Of Faith…

When the networks came to holler (MTV, E!, VH1)…

I knew I found my calling.

Not to crack jokes to a crowd… But to help people break out of their own, mental prisons like I did.

Because like an invisible puppeteer… I had to get into the audience’s minds to tug on their giggle-strings.

And I started using this skill to unf*ck people’s jumbled thinking because there’s an easier way to be happy…

And you deserve to use it.

Wake The F*ck Up. Stop Being So Compliant. And Wear Sweat Pants All Day If That’s What You Want. Bottom Line, Just Do You, Boo Boo.

Friends who watched my transformation asked for help.

I started coaching people toward their own breakthroughs. And I’ve since worked with clients from Google, Facebook, Pandora, Slack, Yale, Chevron, Capital One, the Social Justice Learning Institute, Credit Karma… The list goes on and on.

I’ve been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Spike TV, Insider, AMP Radio, TEDx and many more…

My inner-comedian steals the show as the host of the Awaken The Rebel podcast…

And I’ve built a business helping women achieve happiness (without having to sacrifice their secret urges for misbehaving).

I thought I had to curb my needs to be successful in the eyes of my mom and society.

But this just made me feel like I sold my soul for a paycheck. *No bueno*

Thrills came from making deliberate moves AGAINST societal norms.

And today I help women find their lady balls to do the same.
After helping hundreds of women go from “hopelessly lost” to “bonafide badass”…

I’ve put the key steps into a 9-step framework in my brand new book, Revolutionary Woman.

Is The Modern Day Guidebook For Recovering People-pleasers

You’re expected to behave and live up to others’ expectations.

Meanwhile your inner rebel is playing mahjongg in your mind, waiting to be freed from the cage.

Society wants her locked up and it’s up to you to change that…

The ONLY solution is to be the Revolutionary Woman you were always meant to be.

Someone who plants her rebel flag in the lawn of the White House.

Someone who sits on her throne in yoga pants and flip flops. Someone who sees her life as an opportunity for freedom rather than restriction.

Revolutionary Woman shows women how to express their true selves while still smashing it at work, love, and all the things.

Stand out from the crowd and prove to the world that you can have fun doing it.

Empowers Women to Honor Themselves &
Fulfill Their Purpose

Here’s a peek at the Revolutionary Woman Framework

Awaken The Rebel

Discover the untold truths about the systemic disempowerment of women and how it’s a problem that can only be solved by you.

WARNING: This isn’t a soft wakeup… It’s the booming horn of a freight train. You’ll never be the same after only the first chapter.

Claim Your Kingship

Women are taught to play nice and that being a Princess is more important than being a Queen.

FUCK THAT. Take your rightful place on the throne and become your own Cleopatra who leads with intention.

Fuck The Jonesses

You’re a woman with big dreams and aspirations. But above everything, you just want to be happy… But how do you do it? Spoiler Alert: “Keeping face” is not a way to do it.

Find 8 simple activities that are scientifically-proven to make you happy no matter who you are, how much you make, or what clothes you have in your closet. Revolutionary Woman karate chops the myths about happiness by identifying what makes YOU feel alive.

Be The Truth

Be the best version of yourself by doing things your inner 12-year-old would’ve loved doing.

Here’s how to be the woman you were meant to be without having to fit into anyone else’s mold but your own.

Ditch People Pleasing

Codependency is like crossing the road to help the chicken make a decision. Why bother? It’s a ticking time bomb for emotional disaster.

Find out how to set boundaries, stay true to your values, and stop feeling so damn guilty when you can’t solve everyone else’s problems

Fight Like A Queen

Why are you so accommodating, agreeable, and nice? Because you feel you need to be likeable at all costs. But what if being “nice” isn’t working? What if it’s turning you into a sad, unhappy beyotch that nobody wants to be around?

It’s time to stop putting up with so much BS. Learn how to fight like a queen so that the world shuts up and finally listens.

Fuck Up Royally

Women are held to impossible standards of perfection that no one can actually achieve.

You need a donkey kick to the titty – something that will give you permission to do what makes YOU happy without worrying about what others think.

Design Like A Boss

We’re over the myth that women should be submissive.

Revolutionary Life Formula will inspire your inner badass so that you can take action towards living the amazing life you truly desire.

Be The Revolution

The Revolution starts with you but doesn’t end with you alone. Leadership takes courage and courage takes support.

The power in being a badass bitch is you’ll go further with fellow rebels… Here’s where you tap in.

Props From Rebel Queens Around The World

In True Rebel Fashion, I Had To Flex By Adding More Bonuses To Make This Even Sweeter


“3 Steps To Rebel-utionize Your Life” Master Class – Life too boring? Or maybe you’re just not happy as you should be? You’re not alone. All women feel this way at some point and the good news is that there are 3 simple steps any woman can take to be happier in a jiffy: sprinkle in self-awareness, uncover the hidden gifts that make you special, and fight like a queen so everyone pays attention. This master class gives you the tools to do all 3 with ease.

($497 value)


“Smiling Rebel” Checklists With 7 Daily-Must Do’s – We know that “happiness” is the ultimate goal but it’s hard to stay in a happy mood. Is there a secret? You betcha. Use these daily checklists of 7 things every woman should do each day to feel awesome and energized. *BACKED BY SCIENCE!* They’re designed with busy women in mind so investing even only 5 minutes each day is enough to adopt these habits. You’ll look forward to tackling them because they’re quick, easy and fun!

($197 value)


“Happiness from The Inside Out” Audio Class With Rob Mack – There’s enough talk about “Positive Psychology” voodoo but too little action. Oprah-endorsed, Bestselling Author, Rob Mack has developed a system to apply positive psychology to our daily lives and this audio class reveals the science PLUS action steps on how to feel better in your day-to-day without even trying. It’s a LIVE coaching call where he calls me on my bullshit!

($397 value)

You’re getting instant access to Revolutionary Woman.


“3 Steps To Rebel-utionize Your Life” Master Class… [valued at $497]


“Smiling Rebel” Checklists With 7 Daily-Must Do’s… [valued at $197]


"Happiness from The Inside Out" Audio Class With Rob Mack… [valued at $397]

That’s a total value of $1,091

For just $5.99

“Whoa whoa, back up.
Why so little?”

There she is!

Asking questions is a step in the rebel direction. Let me tell you why I’ve made this holy-makes-no-sense-if-you-don’t-get-it.

1. If women are ever gonna get the respect we deserve, it’s gonna take more than just a handful of rebels to do it. A low price means any woman can knuckle up and join the crusade.

2. Free stuff’s on YouTube. The real good shit you hafta pay for. And charging an amount, no matter how small, is enough to keep this outta the hands of flaky chicks who don’t take this shit serious.

3. I’ll be straight up. My evil plan is to give you my best stuff so you can get the best results without me. Then when you’re like, “Damn this shit really works,” my hope is for you to join my flagship coaching program when you’re ready.

We good?

“Take This Shit Back”

If you feel like you deserve more in this life…

Revolutionary Woman is the bridge to take you there.

But if you get your copy and don’t feel like it’s all that and a sack of potatoes…

Just let me know and I’ll give you back your dinero back.

No hard feelings. No sad nights sippin’ cosmos. Just good vibes because if you aren’t happy, I’m not happy.

Imagine How Good It’ll Feel To Stand Up For Yourself,
Prioritize Your Needs, And Never Feel Guilty About It Again…

Everyday I work with women who are one problem away from a nuclear meltdown.

They have picture perfect lives on the outside…

But they feel empty inside because they’ve been tolerating that elevator ride with that dude who sharted for way too long.

I was in the same position.

The steps in Revolutionary Woman are the same steps I took to:


Ditch a company who didn’t give a shit about their people


Face my fears of going against my parent’s wishes


Risk humiliation when I started doing stand-up comedy


And start a coaching business when I had no frikkin’ clue what I was doing

You might not care about those things but these steps will help you reach whatever goals you’re after too.

So you hafta ask yourself… How will you use Revolutionary Woman?

Don’t Risk Another Day As A Sleeping Giant, Wake Your Inner Rebel And Become a Revolutionary Woman

One truth worth mentioning is that I’m competing against myself on Amazon when I sell through this page…

Which means I might have to take down this page soon.

So you can do either one of two things…

1. Put this off until later. Come back to find this page missing. *sad face*

2. Drop a measly $5.99 to Revolutionary Woman and $1,091 worth of disco bonuses to unlock your potential, wake your inner rebel, and misbehave your way to a life where no one’s opinion matters but your own. Yassss!!

Break The Rules, Live Your Purpose, And Find Your Happy With Your Copy Of Revolutionary Woman

Girlfriend, it’s been real. Thank you for spending some time with me today.

I hope this gave you the courage to play full out, and I hope you say hi in the future.

Be yourself booboo, you deserve it.

Shereen Thor
Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker, and Comedian with Nice Hair


Scrolled down with the quickness?

Here’s a “get to the point” recap for you busy bees.

I’m releasing my brand new book, Revolutionary Woman, that shows how women can be unstoppable builders of their dream lives by rebelling against societal norms.

You’re getting instant access to the brand new book, Revolutionary Woman


“3 Steps To Rebel-utionize Your Life” Master Class… [valued at $497]


“Smiling Rebel” Checklists With 7 Daily-Must Do’s… [valued at $197]


"Happiness from The Inside Out" Audio Class With Rob Mack… [valued at $397]

That’s a total value of $1,091

For just $5.99

This is my sneaky attempt to impress you to become a client by getting you mad results from a measly investment of $5.99.

No doubt you’ll be a completely different human when you finish reading but if not, let me know and I’ll give you your money back.


Much love queen.

Keep it easy!

About Shereen

Shereen Thor is a comedian turned coach who slays with hope and humor. She is a wife, a mom, a speaker, a writer, a coach, an adventurer, and a woman’s empowerment enthusiast.

She’s been a featured speaker for tens of thousands of people and shared the stage with Serena Williams, Prince Harry, and Pau Gasol.

Her mission is to help women break out of societal expectations so that they can live authentically and fulfill their purpose.

She’s been featured in Forbes, TEDx, The Wall Street Journal, Spike TV, Insider, AMP Radio, and many more. And works with clients from Google, Facebook, Pandora, Slack, Yale, Chevron, Capital One, the Social Justice Learning Institute, Credit Karma… The list goes on and on. 

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