#68 – Get Paid To Be Yourself With Mia LaMotte


This week I have image consultant, transformation coach, and personal brand strategist Mia LaMotte on the podcast to geek out about branding and her company Brand Disruptors. For years, Mia has been giving people permission to be themselves instead of trying to fit into someone else’s box. And now, she’s teaching us how to express ourselves authentically online and in real life.

In this episode you will hear:

  • The importance of not changing yourself for the sake of having an “appropriate” or “professional” brand
  • How your perception of yourself directly influences what other people think of you
  • How to break out of the proper lady, good girl box that so many women are taught to fit into
  • That there’s no wrong way to represent your brand when you’re true to yourself
  • And her top tip for standing out amongst the crowd and attracting the right people to your message


Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

What particular boxes have you been trying to fit into? What labels have you been taught to wear that don’t exactly align with who you are?

Next time you’re thinking about showing up in a certain way, ask yourself: is this something I like or am I doing it because it’s something that would be less controversial?

Who are your two archetypal people who — when combined — best describe who you are and what you bring to the table? For example, I like to describe myself as Whitney Cummings meets Tony Robbins.

How much permission are you giving yourself to just be yourself? In what ways are you not showing up authentically?

Fun Quotes from the Show:

“We all have a brand, whether we curate it or not.” – Mia LaMotte

“It’s really about leaning more into who you are instead of trying to be somebody that you’re not.” – Mia LaMotte

“What we think about ourselves actually shows on the outside.” – Mia LaMotte

“There’s really no better personal growth program than to build a brand and become an entrepreneur.” – Shereen Thor

“When we stop growing, we’re dead.” – Mia LaMotte


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