#64 – Is 2021 Your Hinge Year?


This week, I’m checking in after a brief hiatus and a WILD start to 2021, which a lot of people are labeling a “hinge year.” Tune in to learn what that means and how you can use this collective feeling of restlessness to reignite your dreams and go after what you truly want.

In this episode you will hear:

  • What a hinge year is (and how to use it to your advantage)
  • How the death of a longtime client has made me shift how I play the game of life
  • The importance of honoring your most irrational desires
  • What jealousy and envy can teach us about what we want
  • How being your authentic self is not only better for you, but everyone around you
  • And what big, crazy and totally irrational dream I am chasing during this hinge year


Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

How can you channel this feeling of restlessness and global uncertainty into something positive? Is there something in your life you’ve been wanting to shift?

When was the last time you felt really jealous of someone? Was that experience in any way a sign of something you truly want?

What irrational desire are you holding back? What illogical choices do you want to make but haven’t allowed yourself to? What little step could you take today to make it a reality?

What is one irrational dream that you can chase to make 2021 a hinge year to remember?

Fun Quotes from the Show:

“The parts of me that make me feel the most alive are the parts of me that make no sense.” — Shereen Thor

“Honor your irrational impulses. Honor your illogical desires. It’s okay.” — Shereen Thor

“Just be who you actually are. They will be far more blessed by who you truly are than whatever weird, contorted puppet-ass version you might be trying to present.” — Shereen Thor

“Please be the truth of you who actually are, not what you think you should be for other people.” — Shereen Thor


My interview with my longtime client, Cindy Andrews

The Top Five Regrets Of The Dying By Bronnie Ware

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