#60 – Crafting A Comeback With Terrance McMahon


This week I have TEDx Talk speaker, best-selling author, and viral TikTok sensation Terrance McMahon on the podcast. Terrance has lived a LIFE ya’ll, from selling life insurance door-to-door to finding major success as a CEO to almost dying of massive organ failure to writing the comeback story of the century. And he’s here to tell us what it truly takes to transform.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How his near-death experience set the stage for him to live a life of meaning
  • What he did to recreate his self-image from broken to beautiful
  • The definition of strategic philanthropy and how to use it to serve others while monetizing your ideal lifestyle
  • Why changing your environment could be the key to changing your life
  • How to craft your own comeback story


Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

What reputations do you have that you’re currently living up to? What new ones could you adopt to help create a new, more-aligned identity?

Can you think of a time where the worst thing that’s ever happened to you actually turned out to be the best thing?

What is your healing message that the world needs to hear?

If today was the start of your comeback story, how might it look?

Fun Quotes from the Show:

“The Japanese believe that your scars shouldn’t be hidden. There shouldn’t be paint over your scars. They should be emblazoned and celebrated as an achievement.” – Terrance McMahon

“It’s about being broken and loving the fact that you are blessed with such an opportunity.” – Terrance McMahon

“Sometimes it’s not the player. It’s the stadium.” – Terrance McMahon

“It’s not really about being happy all the time because you’re happy when you’re watching Netflix. But are you fulfilled? Do you feel like you’re making an impact?” – Shereen Thor

“The persona I’ve created out in the world is someone who does not tolerate things that she is unhappy with. And because of that, I then live up to my own message.” – Shereen Thor

“You getting out and sharing a healing message is part of your own healing.” – Shereen Thor