#58 – KUWTK & Standing Up To Bullies


At its core, reality TV shows are just about people fighting. While it’s great to watch when you want to decompress, series like Keeping Up With The Kardashians can actually teach us a few critical things about conflict and bullying. This week, I’m breaking down a particularly disturbing episode I watched recently and how it highlights the importance of giving yourself permission to do what you want in the face of bullies, shame, and societal pressure.

In this episode you will hear:

  • A lesson in group dynamics (and which one the Kardashian sisters are experiencing)
  • The importance of respecting others’ values and how they choose to live their lives
  • What can happen when you let people dictate the narrative of your life for too long
  • A case for living your truth and owning your desires (and how not doing so can impact your relationships)
  • How to handle the bullies in your life before you snap like a maniac and draw blood


Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

Where in your life are you disrespecting your own boundaries in an effort to make someone else happy?

Where in your life are you honoring someone else’s needs over your own?

Could you honor yourself more and give yourself what you need and want more than you currently are?

Fun Quotes from the Show:

“Life will be better if you accept me for who I am and what I choose and if I accept you for who you are and what you choose.” – Shereen Thor

“Let’s not be a bully who shames and blames and outcasts people for not falling in line.” – Shereen Thor

“There will be the bullies out there who try to force you to be who they want you to be. It’s up to you to not contort so long that you snap like a maniac and draw blood.” – Shereen Thor


A deeper dive into group dynamics

The disturbing fight between Kim and Kourtney

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