#57 – Building Confidence Through Movement With Lauren Glick


This week, we have retired firefighter turned women’s empowerment coach Lauren Glick on the podcast to talk all things confidence — and how movement is the key to self-esteem. Through her community BadassBods, Lauren is on a mission to take the work out of working out and make exercise fun again.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Her personal experience with how a stressful environment can lead to serious autoimmune issues (not to mention stubborn weight)
  • Her transition from retiring early from her dream job to becoming a Tony Robbins coach
  • How weight loss is just a byproduct of building confidence
  • Ways to ground yourself in the present moment
  • What “signs” really look like (and what it truly means to be “ready” for the next step)
  • The vital role community plays in our motivation
  • And how healing your relationship with your body can help you uncover your true power


Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

How would you describe your relationship with your body and movement? Do you see exercise as a form of punishment or self-care?

Describe your current work and home environment. Are there any stressful or toxic situations that could be impacting your health?

When was the last time you felt confident? What was it that contributed to that?

If you want to lose weight or change your body in some way, what’s the underlying reason? Is there any way you could make that reason a reality without a physical change?

Fun Quotes from the Show:

“You are what you become, and I became that stress.” — Lauren Glick

“The scary things are the things you must do to grow in life.” — Lauren Glick

“The people who are ‘ready’ are the ones who go after it.” — Lauren Glick

“Helping women lose weight is just a byproduct of helping women gain their confidence.” — Lauren Glick

“Let’s ground ourselves in movement. Let’s feel good in our bodies.” — Lauren Glick

“When you get down to somebody’s reason why they want to lose the weight, most of the time it has something to do with how they’re feeling about themselves.” — Lauren Glick


@thelaurenglick on Instagram


The BadassBods Facebook Group

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Lindsey Schwartz of Powerhouse Women

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