#55 – Conspiracy Theories


Don’t worry — I’m not about to become another true crime podcast. Conspiracy theories and tragic news stories are almost a form of entertainment in today’s society. And in this episode, I want to dissect how giving our attention to things like conspiracy theories can impact our energy and prevent us from living a life on purpose.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Why you should be aware of the type of information you consume and how it makes you feel
  • How to be a good steward of your attention and energy
  • What it means to live your life on purpose and how negative things like conspiracy theories can distract you from that
  • Why searching for darkness and corruption is a waste of your life force (and what to focus on instead)
  • The beautiful magic that happens when we process our own pain and learn to have compassion for ourselves


Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

How does reading the news or following conspiracy theories make you feel?

In what ways are you allowing negative information to take up your time and energy?

How can you set filters around the information you allow in? What are some of the ways you can better protect your energy?

What are you giving your attention to?

Fun Quotes from the Show:

“As the leader of your life, it’s very important for you to be careful about the information you are consuming.” – Shereen Thor

“If you’re living your life on purpose, you’re not going to go searching for darkness and corruption.” – Shereen Thor

“We need to quiet the noise of life in order to tune into our soul’s unique path, contribution and purpose.” – Shereen Thor

”What you give attention to and what you give energy to will grow.” – Shereen Thor


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