#48– Three Dangerous Thoughts You Should Ditch


We have a lot of noise coming at us and it’s non-stop! If you are like me, you attempt to manage the noise. We already know we can take the time to unsubscribe from emails, but I want you to take it a step further and unsubscribe from ideas that don’t sit right with you. Let’s talk about dangerous thoughts. This is my Coachy hack to help you unsubscribe from the top 3 thoughts that are trippin’ you up day to day.


In this episode you will hear:

  • The top 3 thoughts you need to immediately unsubscribe from
  • My biggest fear in coaching
  • How and when to calibrate with truth and perspective
  • A reminder about who is in charge of your great legacy


Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

  • What, in your words is are the 3 thoughts you need to unsubscribe from?
  • What do you desire to create in your legacy?
  • If you were to stop right now and listen to your inner voice, what would you need to do today to embark on a life that is your soul’s masterpiece?


Fun Quotes from the Show:

“Thank you for being here today and entertaining the musings of a rebel girl. We are going to take a jump into my crazy little brain. And hopefully that journey, that adventure inspires you.”

“I want you to unsubscribe from the thought that anyone other than you is your master.”

“You are always going to have to be your own coach. You know you better than anybody else.”

“You get to decide what legacy you want to embark upon, what legacy you want to leave, what mark you want to leave on the world and who you want to be in the world.”

“Thank you for giving a sh#t about what this little rebel girl has to say.”



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