#47 – Growing Hurts Oh So Good


Buzz word alert: Quarantine is taking its toll as we face new challenges. Just look at our educational system with school and it’s never ending uncertainty. Will parents will have to homeschool when they weren’t planning to? Will kids be forced to have their entire education through remote schooling? How does that impact our jobs (parents) and ability to work? That is just one slice of the Covid-19 pie. Oh, the gifts of 2020.

It’s tough to feel NORMAL or like we’re in control of anything let alone our own PERSONAL REVOLUTION. Whether it’s 2020 or not, and whether we find or way back to normal, growth always creates beautiful things. And we need to grab onto this little bit of hope and positivity.

What I’ve learned over the years, and even right now as I go through weird new changes with all of you, is that growth doesn’t always feel very nice but the in the end it’s oh so worth it. Keep your head up rebel, you’re doing great!

I’m here to tell you, your personal revolution is on track, because this is a unique time of conflict that will undoubtedly make you ask new questions and come up with new solutions. Just be careful to continue to nourish your soul, and dive into the uncertainty and you will get 10x more out of this than anyone else. It’s human nature to be adverse to growth and change.


In this episode you will hear:

  • How to persevere through the pain of growth
  • What growth looks like and what it’s like to be in the midst of it
  • How to navigate uncertainty
  • How to nurture and nourish your soul during times of growth


Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

  • How do you manage your emotions and thoughts during uncertainty?
  • What are ways you nourish and nurture your soul?
  • What could you do today to feedback into yourself?
  • Even though things may be painful during a growth season, what are ways you’ve seen yourself change and grow for the better?


Fun Quotes from the Show:

Fun Quotes from the Show:
“When you’re disrupting things it’s like an earthquake. The ground underneath you is cracked and it’s wonderful because it is opening new possibilities, it is giving you more solid ground moving forward. While all the positive energy is there, it feels very disconcerting while you are in it.”

“You really can’t create what you want moving forward with what you were doing or who you were being with what you currently have. And you have to let go of who you were being and what you were doing.”

“It’s about navigating uncertainty.”

“You’re doing great even if you don’t feel super excited, high vibe, and super positive and everything doesn’t seem like it’s going your way. It doesn’t always feel good to grow. It doesn’t always feel happy to progress.”

“Even if you are in pain or there is discomfort, it’s all part of the process of growth. Find ways to nurture and nourish your soul while you are expanding into a new version of yourself.”

“I hope you feel encouraged and have a little more gas in your rebellious tank to keep on chugging along.”



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