#46 – “Hey Queen, What if You Were KING OF YOUR LIFE?”


Hey Rebels! The $h#t is about to get real. You know you are living your life’s most true purpose when you are running hard after the things that keep you up at night. So here I am, writing the very book that in its unwritten form haunted me late at night to write it, called “Revolutionary Woman” and a thought came to mind about you, and us, as women, choosing to live life as a KING. (pause) Wait what?!

In ancient Egypt, believe it or not, women had EQUAL RIGHTS and far more rights than even modern day women today. There were many times in history where a woman, yes a WOMAN operated as a Pharaoh, y’all. Let me say it one more time, a motha f*ckin’ PHARAOH. Does this blow your mind? I’m 100% Egyptian, raised in America and I’m picking my jaw up off the floor. Who would I be today, if this was taught to me in school? I can tell you I would have spent my 20’s completely empowered, building pyramids for my kingdom, instead of asking for the worlds permission at every step. WTF.

It made me wonder how differently we would approach life if we did it with the mindset of being a Pharaoh. A modernized female King with permission to rule our own vision, hopes and dreams for our kingdom. We would have kingdoms, that’s for sure. There is enough sunlight for all the Pharaohs to bloom, ladies.


In this episode you will hear:

  • History about the role of women in different cultures/societies.
  • How the oppression of women have caused us to lose our power and voice.
  • When to act as King in your life and what areas of life call for it.


Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

  • What are ways you give up your rightful power in everyday life or in your career?
  • When was a moment in life where you felt powerful, completely yourself, and feeling like a King?
  • How can you step into the attitude of a King?
  • If you could do anything without hesitation what would it be?


Fun Quotes from the Show:

“I am a woman’s empowerment crackhead. So, what I am trying to do is make sure you are in command in areas of your life.”

“I don’t need to be this [a king] in every area of my life, however when I am coaching a woman, it’s so important to start here because we are so very much socialized to be second in command.”

“There is this inference of being second in command to the king – there’s so many things about being a Queen, while lovely, that still keeps you second in command in your world.”

“We have been oppressed terribly and there’s so much systemic disempowerment towards women. In an effort to bust that up, and buck the system, I am wanting to invite women to really think about what their lives would be like if they were acting like a King.”



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