#45 – 6 Ways to Lead Remote Teams in Quarantine with Bonnie Fahy


I recently sat down with Bonnie Fahy, hiring expert and creator behind Source It, the world’s leading program on hiring and managing remote teams according to Forbes. We talked about finding opportunity in disaster, how to manage yourself, and the importance of creating rules in a world where the only rule is to stay home. Bonnie is funny, wise, smart and deeply insightful – you don’t want to miss this.

Quarantine has forced many of us to work remotely and that can come with a lot of challenges. There are many tools a leader and team can use to keep productivity high and teams mentally and emotionally connected. And of course, it wouldn’t be a true Awaken the Rebel episode if we didn’t cover handling conflict – especially in a remote situation. Face those fears y’all! Bonnie is so full of knowledge and wisdom, so I hope you enjoy this episode even if you find yourself unemployed and contemplating what the future holds for you.


In this episode you will hear:

  • How to embrace your new lifestyle perks
  • How to keep teams engaged when face-to-face communication isn’t as readily available
  • How oxytocin plays into leading teams
  • How to be successful as a remote manager
  • What are the differences between a team in real life and remotely
  • What is the right way to give feedback
  • How to set clear boundaries and expectations
  • How social time contributes to productivity

About tools that will help you manage remotely and connected with your team in a personable way so communication stays clear

Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

What are ways your team’s dynamic has shifted since becoming remote?

What are ways you’ve succeeded and/or failed in maintaining clear communication?

What could you be doing as a leader or employer to make sure everyone is still connected and productive?

What are workflow challenges you’ve identified since becoming remote? What are solutions or tools that would help fill the gaps or fix the broken systems?

When handling conflict while being remote, did you confront the issues face-to-face via Zoom or a call or did you write a lengthy text/email? What was the result of the action you took?

Fun Quotes worth entertaining:

“Be gentle with yourself, this is a new skill you’re learning in a new world we are all living in.” Bonnie Fahy

When you have a best friend at work you will be the most productive – Gallup

“Communication is the response that you get.” Eban Pagan

“Communication breakdowns break down relationships.” – Bonnie Fahy

“You need to look at this from the framework of opportunity. You need to take yourself away from the shit storm of ‘What the F, this sucks so bad’ to ‘oh my god, this tremendous opportunity is here.” – Bonnie

“Leading a remote team isn’t any different than driving in the day time vs driving in the dark. Just like you wouldn’t drive in the dark without headlights, you don’t want to lead a remote team without adding back in what you’re missing – i.e. the visual, the non-verbal communication.” – Bonnie

“As a leader of a remote team, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re taking full responsibility for communicating in the clearest way possible.” – Bonnie

“It’s important to establish boundaries – when will you be available and when you won’t be available.” – Bonnie

“Email is the best way to waste hours of your day and not keep track of things in an effective way.” – Bonnie

“Conflicts are going to come up. From a teamwork perspective, you need to make sure you don’t take the easy way out. If you have a conflict with someone, get on the phone with them or get face-to-face. Do not be that person who writes up a huge email – that is going to breakdown your relationship so fast.” – Bonnie

“When you don’t have trust, you don’t have a productive team.” – Bonnie

“While it might seem as though it would be unproductive to have a chat room or social bonding time built in, that’s actually the glue that holds everything together. For remote leaders and remote teams, what can you do to create shared rituals?” – Bonnie

“In a remote environment, you have to add the socialization back in.” – Bonnie

“How am I going to allow this huge pivot of life to be the best thing that ever happened to me and not the worst?” – Bonnie



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