#44 – Should I lead with my head or my heart?


Today’s episode is all about being a risk taker verses being cautious. Being in your heart rather than in your head. I’ve been watching the musical Hamilton incessantly lately and it’s been inspiring me tons. The characters Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr are so different and it’s got me thinking about you, me and what style of life we choose to live. One leads with his head and one leads with his heart. Regardless of which character type you lean towards this podcast will support you in moving closer to who you want to be, stretching yourself and always leaning into that growth edge. As a coach, I help clients find their north star and that vision pulls them towards the goals they want to attain, and the person they want to be. Listen in to have your thoughts provoked and glean some inspiration from these characters in our history.


In this episode you will hear:

  • How we can change our lives by identifying what our north star is and working towards that
  • How to identify who we are now and who we’d like to be moving forward
  • How coaching can benefit you in moving toward your dream life


Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

Taking into account the characteristics of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, which archetype do you fall under? Are you scrappy & hungry with nothing to lose or are you cautious, careful, and strategic?

How does your archetype help or hurt you?

What is one thing you’d like to change about your approach to life?

What is your north star?

Fun Quotes worth entertaining:

Fun Quotes worth entertaining:
“When you’re actually just being real about what is, that’s where you can really see the benefits, the cost, and then make a decision moving forward.”



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