#43 – I exploded at my husband


Today’s episode is all about how much we are all going through as a collective right now. I had my own little civil war with my husband and realized how tough this must be for everyone to be enduring. Luckily he is a man of steel, so we will be okay lol. But there are big topics on everyone’s minds lately, and navigating those conversations when differing opinions are present – can be really difficult. We’re all on edge from having to experience the trauma of a pandemic, the chaos is getting to us, and I wanted to address it.


In this episode you will hear:

  • How quarantine is making it difficult to manage conflicts that we can usually work around
  • How Shereen herself has experienced conflict due to quarantine and stress
  • How it’s important to embrace the gray areas because wanting to be right can block harmony and understanding


Coaching Questions & Thoughts:

Have you been experiencing more conflict with family members or friends since quarantine started?

What area in your life do you experience the most confusion?

When talking with someone about your point of view, do you always strive to be right? Or do you seek to understand their point of view too?

What is one thing you can do this week that’ll help you manage conflict during quarantine?

Fun Quotes worth entertaining:

“When we’re quarantining, we’re all stuck together. A lot of the things that we’d normally be coping, normalizing, and rationalizing are sort of in your face. You’re just stuck with this tension and conflict that you’re normally able to manage, but you just can’t manage it anymore.”

“I think when you’re trying to be right there isn’t space for listening, there isn’t space for true understanding, and there isn’t space for harmony.”

“We’re going to take the right/wrong dynamic out of the picture. We’re going to enter the gray, darling. No more black and white, gray is the way.”



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