#42 – How to Win at the Dating Game


Today we explore masculine and feminine energy in the dating game. I secretly have an obsession with helping people have healthier relationships and when it comes to the dating phase this is the key to getting to “I do.” I share some pointers from my personal experience, as well as some insights I gleaned from watching Rudy and Matt crash and burn on the show Listen To Your Heart. The bottom-line is that you must feel confident, empowered and secure in your star power when it comes to matters of the heart. Our insecurities can ruin our potential for love and connection if we don’t get them in check, so listen up. I know quarantine is getting in the way of dating, but what better time to adjust your strategy before getting back out there, amiright?!


In this episode you will hear:

  • Learn about masculine and feminine energy
  • Discover when to lean into your feminine energy to support you in connecting with the masculine
  • Hear how insecurities can block a relationship from coming to fruition
  • Learn how reading your “audience” can help you in your relationships
  • Hear how believing in your worthiness, and raising your self-esteem is everything in the dating game


Coaching Thoughts & Questions:

What type of energy do you think you give off in general?

What type of energy do you give off in a relationship?

What insecurities that creep into your mind when dating someone you like?

What is the source of those insecurities?

When do you feel the most confident in your life?

How can you carry that confidence into your dating life?


“Women need to be secure within themselves, and comfortable in their power – not being overly aggressive with it, but knowing it’s there and that they would be fine with or without a partner.”

“You’re it. You are it. If someone isn’t showing you that – that’s on them. You don’t need to do more or be more – you just need to let their ass go!”

“When a woman displays masculine energy towards a masculine man she repels him. It’s just like magnets that repel instead of magnetize towards each other. If you have two positives or two negatives they repel each other. You need complimentary energies. This could be in any variation of gender in a relationship – in a same sex marriage you need one who displays the feminine energy and one who displays the masculine energy.”

“Part of mastery, as a woman, is knowing where to express your feminine energy and where to express your masculine energy. And when it actually benefits you one way or the other.”



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