# 39 – Is Conflict Your Friend?


Today’s episode is all about Conflict. We typically avoid it, but it can be amazing for us if we have the courage to face it. I was born into a world of conflict, and eventually went on to get certified in Conflict Mediation and mediate small and civil claims in court – so I’ve learned to love this subject. Let me invite you into my world where conflict is actually your friend. It’s not the most easy-going friend, nor the most fun friend, but it’s a powerful friend who will lead you to where your soul is ultimately meant to go. So, let’s go!


In this episode you will hear:

  • How people pleasing can cost you happiness and health
  • How conflict is actually an opportunity for growth, connection and healing
  • 4 different approaches to addressing conflict and which one is healthy
  • The positive aspects of conflict, and how they can unlock you living your best life
  • Why establishing boundaries can improve your relationships
  • How engaging in conflict resolution can help you be truly alive in your life
  • How research says that building resentment can lead to disease in the body



When I am dishonest with the people in my life about who I truly am and what I truly feel, what does that cost me?

Who is going to stand up for you if you are not going to stand up for yourself?

What does it cost you to not be truly expressed in your life?



“We think we are being nice when we avoid conflict, but when someone else wins at your expense it’s actually a lose-lose.” Shereen Thor

“Through arising as authentic in the relationship the connection is stronger.” Shereen Thor

“Relationships based on the pretense of being who they want you to be are not healthy relationships at all. In those relationships we are lying about who we truly are.” Shereen Thor

“Be willing to live on the edge, because then you will live a truly alive life.” Shereen Thor

“Research has proven that resentment leads to cancer.” Shereen Thor

“If you are willing to be brave and face the discomfort of conflict then you will be rewarded personally and professionally.” Shereen Thor

“There are 120,000 preventable deaths in America per year due to stress.” Shereen Thor

“Now it’s your time to treat yourself better than your parents treated you. You are your own parent now. Let’s go!” Shereen Thor



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