#11 – Kevin Hansford


You are gonna thank me today for introducing you to one of my favorite rebels, Kevin Hansford, the founder of Bold Without Apology coaching. Kevin is real and raw and challenges clients with “in your face” truth. This cop turned coach loves to break it down and get real about life, love, and everything in between.


What you’ll hear in this episode:

• How Kevin heard and responded to the rebel call
• A snapshot of Kevin: “a real dude and regular guy who wants to connect”
• In career and in personal life, it ALL boils down to relationships
• As a cop, Kevin felt the disconnect and the WANT for love and connection
• How to “live in the gray” and be in the discomfort and uncertainty
• Words to inspire: “Acknowledge your fears, humanize your mistakes, understand what you deserve, and let it be.”
• Don’t rush the process, but trust what the process gives you
• Why you have to communicate, understand, and navigate the conflict
• Learn to sit with the conflict in your relationship and talk it out
• How to “discover diamonds”
• Being responsible for MY feelings
• The creative energy that’s blossoming next for Kevin and BWA
• BWA: real-life coaching from real people who genuinely SEE YOU
• Kevin’s parting words: “You were f***ing born a winner! Remind yourself that you are bold without apology, step into it, and grow!”



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Links: www.boldwithoutapology.com

It all boils down to connections—and being YOU.

I’m not scared of relationships anymore.

Sometimes it takes the pain to understand what it really means to be connected to someone.

“I trust you” is bigger than “I love you” for me.

Feelings are the surface level to the soul.